Ange, Ireland

I would say talking to Veronica and listening to her wisdom, her heart and encouragement is amazing. Sometimes things can feel a little locked up and the Lord knows exactly how to unlock those dreams, those things in each of us and through us with Veronica’s help and leading.

Angela, New Jersey USA

I have sought out Veronica as a coach during this transitional period of my life. Her prophetic insight and her genuine love are serving to be the encouragement that I have needed to press in deeper for relationship with the Holy Spirit. Although I cannot say that I have attained the high calling, I am pressing on towards its goal and have discovered TRUTH about myself and my situation. I am extremely grateful for Veronica’s heart and her accountability for me to persevere and overcome the trauma and challenges of my past. Make the call! God will meet you where you are at and will use Veronica, His precious vessel to walk beside you and even a little ahead to spur you on!